In a 1924 interview, Chaplin discusses his “boyish” new leading lady, Lita Grey

“Charlie Creates A Dream Castle,” by Alma Whitaker, Los Angeles Times, Nov. 5, 1924

Happy birthday, Lita


  1. You can kinda tell by this point that Charlie had a thing for Lita. I've all ways wondered what The Gold Rush would have been like with Lita in it, Does any one know if any footage survived with her as the dance hall girl??

  2. I find it funny how people were sending her fan mail praising all her work when she had only done two Shorts, interesting that Charlie refers to Lita as "boyish" though.

  3. It's fascinating that he refers to her as "boyish"! Methinks he does protest too much with all his emphasis on her being devoid of artificial sex appeal. He seems to be talking about her sex appeal constantly by denying it so much! Great find, as usual!

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