A JITNEY ELOPEMENT, released April 1, 1915

Written and directed by Charles Chaplin

Edna’s father wants her to marry Count Chloride de Lime but she only has eyes for her true love, Charlie. In order to save her, he poses as the Count at dinner until the real Count shows up. Fights, car chases, & brick throwing ensue.

Chaplin shot this film on location in San Francisco. Click here to watch an interesting little “then and now” video by Gerald Smith and David Totheroh.

Enter Charlie
Edna throws him a note from the balcony

Charlie, posing as the Count, cleverly cuts the bread into an accordion.
The real Count de Lime (Leo White) arrives. 
Naturally they’re going to fight
And there’s even a pile of bricks nearby. How convenient.
Car chase
Charlie stockpiles more conveniently-placed bricks. 
More car chase scenes

And an adorable Charlie and Edna ending. 

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