A couple of new (to me) photos

These were included in the Chaplin film locations piece on the Travel Channel a couple of nights ago (Time Traveling with Brian Unger). No credits were given for them so I’m not sure whose collection they are from.

This one is from a 1917 charity baseball game. More photos here.
I believe this is on the set of Caught In A Cabaret (1914).
 Mabel Normand is next to Charlie.


  1. Good eye, Jess. I noticed these photos as well. I searched and searched the credits at the end of the show, but was unable to find out whose these might be. One slide there was in very small print, so I guess it was on that slide. Overall, I was disappointed in the show, especially since they didn't even go inside the Chaplin Studios.

  2. Mabel certainly was gorgeous, and never looked better than in Caught in A Cabaret. Mabel was happiest when she was 'The Queen of The Hive', as in this photo. I know Charlie and Mabel were just about bf and gf at the time, but they should not be holding hands, unless Mack Sennett was very far away (like in NY).

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