Chaplin, violin in hand, with Alf Reeves, c. 1918

In this photo from My Life In Pictures, Chaplin states that he brought his violin to California on the Karno tour. I think this caption causes some confusion as to the date of the photo. This was not taken during the Fred Karno tour but at the Chaplin Studios, probably c. 1918.

Actually, judging from Chaplin’s clothing, it may have been taken at the same time as actress Ina Claire’s visit to the Shoulder Arms set.


  1. It looks like two different pairs of pants in the last shots at lovers lane. Maybe one has suspenders? His set costume would have been khaki. Must be the print's brightness specs.

  2. oh, goodness…this could turn into another "what color do YOU see?" internet discussion. LOL. It's all in the lighting. It's the same pants. In the last photo, his pants are in full sun and the lens is reflecting that light, thus making the pants appear lighter.

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