Dodge Brothers Radio Hour

March 29, 2015 admin 2

Back Row: Albin Kesley Schoepf (Dodge Bros. rep.), Douglas Fairbanks & Joseph Schenck, president of UA. Front Row: Dolores Del Rio, John Barrymore, CC, D.W. […]

Color photo, c.1940s

March 25, 2015 admin 1

This photo is currently up for auction on ebay (it’s actually a slide unfortunately). I’d never seen it before but it appears to have been […]

Spring Is Here

March 20, 2015 admin 0

“Spring Song” (Limelight, 1952) Charlie’s handwritten notes for “Spring Song” with slightly different lyrics: Limelight: Project Chaplin No. 1 / ©Roy Export SAS Spring is here […]