Original Chaplin film montage from the 1972 Academy Awards ceremony

This montage is slightly different and perhaps a bit longer than the one seen at the end of the 1992 Chaplin film. It was compiled by Peter Bogdanovich & Richard Patterson, who directed the 1975 documentary, The Gentleman Tramp. The man speaking at the very beginning is Academy president Daniel Taradash.

Charlie must have loved hearing the audience’s laughter during these clips.

Note: This footage is extremely copyrighted (¬©AMPAS) so I’ll try to keep it posted as long as possible.


  1. I've been wanting to see this, too! So great to finally see exactly what was included. I love Bogdanovich's story of having to fight the Academy folks to get the montage to run the full 13 minutes. They were balking at dedicating such a long stretch of the broadcast to the montage. Bogdanovich responded, "This. Is. Charlie. Chaplin."

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