Discovering Chaplin

Photoplay, October 1930 (click to enlarge)

Find the mistakes below (click to enlarge): *Mistake spoilers past this point*

I’m thinking most of you didn’t find all 20 because some of the “mistakes” aren’t really mistakes:

 #10 is incorrect. Chaplin smoked until the early 1940s. #11 is partially true. Chaplin had originally planned to have the theme song, “La Violatera” played on a phonograph during the film. #13 is incorrect. The theme song was composed by Jose Padilla although Chaplin did not originally credit him.  #18 is incorrect. He did attend school but not past the third or fourth grade.


  1. I just started the David Robinson biography. Chaplin: His Life and Art. He is very thorough. I'm not quite ready for the quiz.

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