Rare photos of Chaplin in Nice, March 31st, 1931

Chaplin is seen here on the day of his arrival in Nice during his 1931 world tour. He had just been reunited with his brother, Syd, who had been living there for the last several months. These photos show the brothers, along with press agent, Carlyle Robinson, and European rep. for United Artists, Boris Evelinoff, being greeted at the Imperial Hotel by Frank J. Gould and his wife, Florence. Gould was Chaplin’s host in Nice and owner of the hotel.

Chaplin met May Reeves not long after these photos were taken. Both Robinson and Evelinoff would eventually lose their jobs because of the Reeves affair.

Charlie is at left. Syd is second from right.
Frank J. Gould, far right.
Florence Gould shakes hands with Charlie. Carlyle Robinson is at left facing CC.
The woman on the right might be Elsa Maxwell, a friend of Chaplin’s,
whom he saw during his visit in Nice.
Charlie and Syd.
Florence Gould pins a flower on Charlie’s lapel.
Syd is at right. I believe that’s Boris Evelinoff in the center.
Carlyle Robinson is in back behind CC. 

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