Footage from the Hollywood premiere of THE CIRCUS at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, January 27, 1928

Charlie appears around the :50 mark with his guests Ambassador Moore & Will Hays. Harry Crocker and Charlie’s press agent, Carlyle Robinson (in glasses), can be seen, very briefly, with Charlie & his guests when they arrive.

Apparently the crowds lining the sidewalk to see Charlie were so enormous that members of the National Guard had to be brought in to help bring it under control. When Charlie arrived, he stepped from his car, locked arms with Sid Grauman, and paraded up and down the street for two blocks with one of the big spotlights, which you can see in the background, following them. Before the showing of the picture, Fred Niblo introduced members of the cast. The LA Times reported that Chaplin received a “notable ovation.” Grauman’s prologue, “Ballyhoo,” included performances by real circus performers including Pepito the clown and Poodles Hanneford (see more footage of the premiere plus some of the “Ballyhoo” performances here)

Program for the Grauman’s premiere:

Note the ad for Gay’s Lion Farm. Their most famous lion, Numa, appeared in the film.

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