Paulette “a very smart girl,” says John Barrymore

The Great Profile (or “pro-feel” as Barrymore called it) describes a night of charades at Chaplin’s house where Paulette outsmarted both him and Charlie.

“13 Fascinating Women,” by John Barrymore, Look, Nov. 5, 1940
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  1. I don't get this – does this mean she never had to prove herself to them? She didn't challenge them? I don't understand his sentiment!

  2. I agree! I thought it was strange, too. It sounded to me as if she'd never taken a turn–so she had to sit there all night watching them do their thing, I guess? And that made her smart? (Scratches head. . .)

  3. I'm sorry everyone was confused by it. Honestly, the thing that appealed to me most about it in the first place was the thought of Chaplin & John Barrymore putting on little acts. I've been on a Barrymore kick lately–watching his movies & reading his bios, so it was interesting to come across this little tidbit about them.

  4. Paulette liked to play games. You posted a photo of her at backgammon with Charlie on theur yacht. I saw her on Whats My Line….and she was INTO the competition. She was a sport.She once described her showing up to test at the studio for Modern Times. She was dressed in what she described as an expensive little black dress. Charlie tossed a bucket of water on her head as she was too made up and perfect. She cried hysterically while Rollie filmed it all at CC's request. Charlie took much care rearranging that hair in a waif look. He looked soooooo sorry. Paulette was a sport and forgave.

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