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Occasionally I like to check out the keywords that bring people to my site because it helps me to take stock, especially at the end of the year, of how people find my blog & what Chaplin fans are looking for. Often they are legitimate queries such as “Charlie Chaplin Lita Grey” (one of the most popular search terms), “Charlie Chaplin height” or “Charlie Chaplin Mann Act” etc. Hopefully those folks found what they were looking for on my site.  It’s also heartwarming that the majority of the queries are people searching for my site by name. But after that, it’s all downhill. Next we come to the pervert portion of the keyword analysis. These are folks who are looking for “Paulette Goddard nude” or “Charlie Chaplin bulge” or “Carlotta Monterey nude.” I can take the blame for the first one since I posted photos of Paulette in the nude last year. However I have since take them down because I don’t want weirdos salivating (or much worse) over those beautiful Alfred Cheney Johnston photos of Paulette on my site. They can look for them elsewhere. I also mention Charlie’s bulge in one photo because, well, it’s hard to miss. As far as a photos of Carlotta Monterey nude or Edna Purviance nude or, I’m not lying, Wednesday Addams nude, I’m sorry I can’t help with any of those.

But the most soul-stabbing queries of all are the ones regarding those asinine non-Chaplin quotes that have been floating around on the internet for lo these many years. I’m fairly certain that every time someone posts one of these quotes on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook, and attributes them to Chaplin, a kitten dies. The only bright spot is that when someone is brought to my site via queries such as

…they land on a page (here and here) where these wretched quotes are debunked. So hopefully  I have done my good deed for the year if I have kept one person from posting that god-awful letter that Chaplin did not write about Geraldine and her naked soul.

Nevertheless no matter how people get to my site, I’m always grateful, especially to the ones who hang around & keep reading. I’ll close with some of the queries, and there were many, that either gave me a giggle or left me scratching my head:

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  1. "how to make charm bracelets" – LOL. Google search is a powerful tool! I remember searching once for "Paulette Goddard, Diego Rivera" because I wanted to know where the painting is now that he did of her getting her hair done by the Mexican maiden. Good lord, the stories and links to books and stuff that came up were amazing. I did get to see a receipt from the early forties though when she paid $1100 for "Calla Lillies".

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