Happy birthday, Mabel (November 10, 1893)*

Chaplin on Mabel:

The ‘he-man’ atmosphere of the studio would have been almost intolerable but for the pulchritudinous influence. Mabel Normand’s presence, of course, graced the studio with glamour. She was extremely pretty, with large heavy-lidded eyes and full lips that curled delicately at the corners of her mouth, expressing humour and all sorts of indulgence. She was light-hearted and gay, a good fellow, kind and generous; and everyone adored her. (My Autobiography, 1964)

Mabel on Chaplin:

Comedy has the broadest appeal to children–including adults–especially comedy with
heart. That is why Charlie Chaplin may stay off the screen as long as he likes and yet always return to crowds. When you see Charlie you don’t just laugh from the throat, you laugh from the heart. (Photoplay, July 1925)

*Mabel’s birthday is incorrectly listed on Wikipedia as November 9th, 1892. According to Mabel Normand researcher Marilyn Slater, her birthday is actually November 10th, 1893


  1. I will keep an eye out for silent Mondays!I am surprised that Charlie praised Mabel in his autobiography. It was my understanding the they fought a lot under Mack Sennett. I read that she directed later, but maybe directing wasn't that glamorous of an occupation for a woman back then. Her problem was cocaine. I'll bet a lot of the nervous breakdowns stars had back then were due to non-standard dope. Nor regulatory boards.

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