With Will Rogers on the set of his film Unwilling Hero, 1921

More photos of his visit here.

Rogers wrote the following about Chaplin in his weekly newspaper column in 1924:

I consider Charlie Chaplin not only the funniest man in the world, but I consider him to be (and this comes not from hearsay but from personal observation and contact with him) to be one of the smartest minds in America. Any man that can stay at the absolute head of his profession as long as he has, can’t do it on a pin head. It’s an education to be associated with Charlie Chaplin. He is a student of every form of government, and well informed on every national and international question. And human nature? What that guy don’t know about that! He never puts a bit of business or gag into his picture until he has studied out whether it will hit every man, woman and child, be they American, Chinaman, or Zulu. He is the only man, actor, statesman, writer, painter that has ever been able to please the entire world. (Washington Post, December 14, 1924)

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