“There’s Always One You Can’t Forget”

Written by Charles Chaplin

From Oh! That Cello by Thomas Beckmann
This song, plus two other Chaplin compositions (“The Peace Patrol” & “Oh! That Cello”), were published by the short-lived Charlie Chaplin Music Publishing Company in 1916.

The song’s lyrics tell a sad story of lost love:

I sit alone at twilight gazing in the firelight glow
And my mem’ry takes me back again, to days of long ago
Those happy days when you and I would share the sun and rain
Ah! What I would give, if I could live those happy days again

There’s always one, you can’t forget, There’s always one, one vain regret
Tho’ grief is dead–mem’ry survives. Fate linked we two, mated our lives
Why did we meet only to part, love comes but once into the heart
Tho’ it may cause pain and regret, there’s always one you can’t forget

Tho’ destiny decreed that we should live our lives apart
Yet your mem’ry dear will ever be engraven in my heart
The pain and anguish were endured, unspoken and unseen
Why it nearly breaks my heart to think of what might have been

Sheet music for “There’s Always One You Can’t Forget”

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