1. ha ha so funny! I love the one in his bathing suit. That must have really shocked the audiences back then! Who knew he has such nice legs!

  2. I have a really cool Chaplin/Tramp costume I've been using for over 15 years now. I even finally found the perfect "too big" men's black ankle high boots about 5 years ago in a goodwill store. All real clothing, no costume store materials, either. It's a hit every year I wear it!

  3. I do too! But I cannot keep the mustache on…I think he must have used some super glue. I remember the bit where he is showing a WW1 general how he got dressed and the guest gave the stinky sign to the glue.

  4. I find the best way to were the mustache is just to draw it on with eyeliner. You can make it as big as you want and moves with you mouth better. But if I am doing like a special occasion or something like Halloween I will wear the mustache.

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