The bench photos

Located at the end of a row of offices near the studio screening room, this bench was a popular spot for photos at the Chaplin Studio.

The building straight ahead is a corner of the studio laboratory. I believe the studio entrance gate is around the corner
 from the bench, between the screening room and the lab.

A few photos of Chaplin and others with the bench:
Chaplin posing with an airmail package, 1927

Posing with Kono, 1927
 (taken at the same time as the “airmail” photos above)

With Harry d’Arrast, 1923
With Chuck Reisner (left) and Konrad Bercovici, c.1924
With ballerina Anna Pavlova, 1922
Betty Morrissey (left) and Merna Kennedy, c. 1926


  1. Some of the photos you're mentioning are still visible (though in a much smaller size) on the site.I was not aware of the complete rebuilding of the site. The archives have considerably been reduced, as there used to be about 370 pages of photos, and there is only 51 now!D.

  2. I had noticed the change a month or so ago when I was looking for something else. But I didn't realize how drastic it was until I was looking for the Merna/Betty photos yesterday. Right, you can still see them on the archive site but the thumbnails are small, to say the least.

  3. When I first saw that most of the photos vanished, I thought that somehow they can be seen, if I log in to somewhere or so. But now I see that they really are deleted or at least not visible anymore. It's a pity as there were so many great photos out there :(.Domi

  4. I am fascinated with Konrad Bercovici. Project Gutenberg has his descriptive tale of New York in the Jewish Ghetto. 'Crimes of Charity' is offered as a freebie. I have always liked the gypsies of Kazakhstan. I also like to see those documentaries of the horseman on the Siberian planes with the eagles tied to their wrists. Konrad wrote several books on the gypsies….all over the world. Paulette Goddard played quite a few characters which emulated such. She was good at it, whether a dock waif or a pirates' wench. She and CC kept company with Bercovici for a while.

  5. Last year I was able to go to the Fuck Yeah Chaplin site and enter a page number up to 300 or so and get vivid archive photos. Now I cannot easily navigate the website to my dismay. I get so few pleasures out of life these days too.

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