Footage comparison between The Chaplin Revue and Russian version of THE PILGRIM

This is worth a look if you have time. It’s interesting to see the different takes and angles used in the Russian version.
Click the youtube icon for a detailed explanation of the footage.


  1. That's amazing!!!How can we explain this? Does that mean that the Russian version is the original one, released in 1922? Or at least very close? And that CC totally remodeled his film when he prepared THE CHAPLIN REVUE in 1959? D.

  2. Fantastic. What a gift. Thanks Jess!I loved the quality and the music. I wish Syd had gotten a bigger part. But he could not have disguised himself as other characters. With that schnozz you would recognize him ANYWHERE.That Mexican border scene I had never seen before. It was adorable. I was wondering with all that Spanish music and the Texas tunes in the beginning why CC had never incorporated more Old West scenes in his films. But apparently he did sporadically as in this. Doug Fairbanks had done so many Zorro parts that I wondered why the 'Western' theme had never rubbed off on Charlie. It rubbed off here.

  3. Look at the size of his mustache, look at the way he holds his stick, look at the hat securely on his head, that gets to be low, look at the unusual gestures he makes… This guy is not and never has been Chaplin.

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