Colorized photos from ILLUSTRATED magazine, September 20th, 1952

The photographer, Antony Beauchamp (son-in-law of Winston Churchill), recalled that Chaplin’s secretary tried to cancel this sitting the day before. Beauchamp replied with a telegram stating that he was going to show up at the scheduled time anyway “whether the drawbridge is up or down.” So the next day he “stormed” the Chaplin house. “After half an hour Charlie came down and surrendered. Fortified by Moscow Mules, a favourite Hollywood cocktail, we took pictures for an hour and a half before the star sank into an armchair, begging for respite. Then my assistant rushed in to tell me that my camera had not been working properly, the session had been wasted. So another round of Moscow Mules was quickly ordered and handed round. Chaplin drank, lifted himself from his armchair, and began to pose for me once again.” (Illustrated, 9/20/52)

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