1. Ouch! He sure sat for a lot of portraits in 1921. Between these (polka dot tie) shots, the tweed suit ones and the Pach Bros. sittings, there are close to ten different poses.Phil

  2. Good question. I believe de Meyer was based in NYC. If I remember correctly, Chaplin may have been in New York when he edited THE KID, but it seems unlikely that he would have sat for photographs during that time but who knows. Otherwise it seems he posed for three separate photographers either en route or returning from England in 1921.

  3. I guess in the days of Ellis Island in New York it helped to have some back up to vouch for who you were. A picture of your family unit or one of you just off the boat maybe gave you some kind of credibility back then. Like…'See, this is me. I can prove it. Just see the resemblance'. Kidding

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