Rehearsing the tightrope scene in THE CIRCUS

These scenes were filmed high up in the circus tent with Chaplin suspended only a few feet above a wooden platform which is out of camera range. Assistant director Harry Crocker, who also portrays “Rex, King Of The Air” is at bottom left. Like Chaplin, he also learned to walk the tightrope for his role and claimed that in some of the scenes his legs doubled for Charlie’s when he needed a rest.


  1. I was told (I think it was David Totheroh) that Chaplin was only a few feet off the ground and that the cameras were in a deep trench.Phil

  2. I was impressed with his final descent in the scene. I loved the monkey giving him a hard time. Been there….done that. Hehehehhe. Only when crossing a flooded area walking on stones during a hurricane with cats anchored around my shoulders and head.

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