A Comedian In New York (1925), Part II: Charlie at the Ritz-Carlton

Taken August 4th, 1925

On the phone in suite #6251:

New York Times, Aug. 9, 1925

On the rooftop:

With Gloria Swanson
Chaplin and publicist Eddie Manson.

See other rooftop photos here and here.

Coming up in next week’s edition of “A Comedian In New York (1925)”: Who bit Charlie’s lip?


1Harrisburg Telegraph, August 14th, 1925.

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  1. I was looking at some google pictures of belly dancers for a site I wanted to post on yesterday. Gypsies were shown along with the usual Arabs and Turks and Egyptian veil dancers.These gypsy children had all the features that Charlie did. These are the ones who's heritage started in India and migrated across Russia, the Balkans and into France and Portugal. They had his lips and nose and physique. Whole tribes of people who looked like they were relatives of Charlie. Amazing faces on these clever urchins of musical genius and horse whispering. I was in awe.

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