Saturday, July 5, 2014

Color photo, October 1940

Photo by Daily News Color Studio, New York


  1. ok, those hands look extremely small in this shot. Not sure if it's perspective or what...

    1. No, his hands were evidently very small. It was something people who met him often remembered about him. It was also a feature about himself that he was self-conscious about. He once told Mary Pickford that he thought his hands were too small for his arms.

  2. I am always still surprised when I see how small his hands actually were. I never really believed when I read those statements by others about his hands mostly because I always felt they were just being mean to Chaplin for whatever reason. Eventually I realized that whether they loved or hated him they weren't lying.
    His hands to me are not his best feature but Charlie was adorable disproportionate anyway. Probably from all the malnutrition he suffered as a child.