1966 World Cup

One hot summer’s night, England played West Germany in the World Cup Final. Oona, Charlie, and I decided to take a ride around London. We listened to the match on my car radio. After playing overtime, England put in the winning goal. There was pandemonium in the streets. That evening, all London ran wild. 

There, in my car, the three of us were weeping with joy. England victorious over Germany. It seemed like the end of the Second World War! For Charlie, football was the working man’s sport; he was always thrilled by the enormous crowds that went to soccer games. “There’s no audience like them in the world,” he said. He loved the way they sang, cheered, and waved their banners. We never forgot the thrill of that evening–July 30th, 1966–when England won the coveted Cup! –Jerry Epstein, Remembering Charlie, 1989

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