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Please check out (& bookmark) Lisa Stein Haven’s new blog about the upcoming publication of “A Comedian Sees The World.”



  1. Wow. 224 pages with 30 illustrations!I kinda like the old nostalgic cover better. I used to collect Saturday Evening Posts and Life and Look magazines when I was young. Just feeling the history of it sends me.

  2. It looks like Lisa Stein first collaborated with someone named Progetto Chaplin on an Italian version which is out of print. That's good. I don't speak any Italiano.

  3. Actually, the very first book from the Chaplin Project is only in Italian (The Great Dictator), while the following ones (Limelight, Modern Times, Unknown Chaplin) are both in English and Italian. The latest one (Footlights) is only in English. That's great that Dr Stein's book be published in English, for it is worthreading, as was his "Syd Chaplin". What about a "Jessica Project", with all those very interesting posts we are used to? D.

  4. Every Chaplin Archives document is translated in Italian, that is why I wrote the book was bilingual. However, you're right, all the texts of presentation are written only in Italian. My mistake! D.

  5. Thank goodness the scanned archival documents in them are in English! That's the only reason I bought the Modern Times & Great Dictator books. Unfortunately, some of the documents contain Chaplin's handwriting which is often impossible to read and the translation of his writing is only in Italian!

  6. So this means that they published a book for all of his films? I haven't heard about them so far – that's why I ask.Domi

  7. No, there were only books on three of the films (Modern Times, The Great Dictator, & Limelight). You can see them here (scroll down to the books with Chaplin Project in the subtitle, toward the bottom). Unfortunately these books are now out-of-print and pretty hard to find. the Archive did recently publish the new Footlights/The World Of Limelight book.

  8. Thanks, Jessica! Yes, I've already heard about the newly published Footlights – and I'm planning to order it one day!Domi

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