An evening of silents on TCM tonight

Arbuckle, Chaplin, Lloyd, Laurel & Hardy, etc. See the full schedule here.

Chaplin’s The Immigrant (1917) will be on at 9:30PM (EST) and The Gold Rush (1925) at 10:00. I’m not sure if they are showing the silent or narrated version of TGR.

At midnight (EST, unfortunately), Sydney Chaplin’s The Submarine Pirate (1915) will be shown. Syd co-directed this film and it also features some familiar Charlie Chaplin co-stars as well, such as Phyllis Allen, Wesley Ruggles, and Cecile Arnold. Harold Lloyd has a bit part and Syd’s wife Minnie can also be seen. This was his final and most successful film for Keystone. If you have never seen a Sydney Chaplin film, I encourage you to watch this one.

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