Rare posed photos of Chaplin from 1914

Chaplin’s costume is similar, except for the tie, to the one he wears in Getting Acquainted, so perhaps these photos were going to be used for publicity purposes. No photographer is given. All I can say is: where have these photos been hiding for the last 100 years?

Source: www.invaluable.com (three of the originals were flipped the wrong direction, so I corrected them)


  1. Great shots! I think they might be The Star Boarder. The tie he wears in GA is striped. Did you see the other ones on that site? One of those is from TSB.Phil

  2. These are fascinating Jess, will have to check them out. I though these were one's you had purchased and was thinking "Girl, where are your watermarks" 🙂 He appears to be drunk off his ass.

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