Charlie, Paulette, and others on Joseph Schenck’s yacht, August 1933

Charlie and Paulette met aboard Schenck’s yacht the previous summer.
L-R: Alva Green, Harry Green, Grace Poggi, Joseph Schenck, Margaret LaMarr, & Paulette (who is tickling Charlie’s feet in the top photo). Harry Green appears in Chaplin’s 1957 film, A King In New York, as Shahdov’s lawyer.


  1. Paulette looks like a little girl there. I didn't even see CC in the first picture until I realized he was upside down having his tootsies tickled. It was good that the two met on the yacht. With the press invading and Charlie leading the ladies to believe they might be the lucky one, hearts would definitely have been broken before the blows could be diplomatically softened.I noticed that as Paulette got older she covered her hands etc so as not to freckle. Ah guesses she 'members what Mammy dun say to Scarlet bout dem shoulder freckles 'an da buttermilk 'an ta keeps outta da sun.

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