1. I get very sad though whenever I see things about Charlie and Mildred waiting for their baby or practicing for the baby. Poor baby Norman.

  2. I love seeing this! I'm always interested in any information about how Charlie was feeling before the baby came and just haven't found very much. This is great stuff!

  3. Do you know the exact date in July that this appeared, though? I'm curious. Also, do you know of anything else that talks about how Charlie felt before the baby came? I have seen one article by Grace Kingsley in the LA Times about how he seemed to feel right afterwards. He came to the studio a day or two after the baby's birth, before they knew there was anything wrong, apparently, and everyone applauded and congratulated him. He told Kingsley that he hadn't expected to feel quite so excited, but now that Norman was there, he felt "quite set up" about it. That absolutely broke my heart. Just a side note, too–isn't that a funny hat and outfit CC has on in this picture? It looks very uncharacteristic, and yet it doesn't look like anything he would have been wearing while filming "Charlie's Picnic" or whatever they were calling "A Day's Pleasure" at that point. Hmmm.

  4. I'll look forward eagerly to the Mildred articles. They sound really interesting and very germane to things I'm looking for right now! The rodeo connection is a great one–go you! I'm really obsessed lately with pinning down chronology and trying to get a clear sense of what CC was doing day to day around this period, so this is really helpful!

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