Chaplin escorts Mexican actress Lupe Velez to the premiere of Lilac Time starring Colleen Moore, 1928

Here’s what Lupe told Motion Picture magazine about her date with Charlie (Unfortunately Motion Picture may have  taken some liberties with Lupe’s actual way of speaking here but I do enjoy what she said even if she did not say it in this manner):

Of course, every time you go out with mens in Hollywood, they put it in newspapers. I go once with Charlie Chaplin. Just once– to the opening of “Lilac Time.” They say we are going together. But I like Charlie. I love to listen to him. He has so many brains. He is– what you say?– a geen-i-oos. His talk teach me somethings. I want to learn things in this country. Of course, I flirt with him. I flirt with every mans, but that means nothing. (Lupe Velez, “The Love-Life Story of Lupe Velez,” Motion Picture, January 1929)


  1. ugh, why do I get the feeling that Motion Picture magazine wrote this in a speaking style they thought would be funny. I've seen Lupe Velez films and she does not talk like THAT.

  2. I love how she says she loves to listen to him talk. I can just imagine him rattling on about all his movies and his time in London. Its just a really adorable picture.And I mean it was the 1920s..foreigners, even famous ones, weren't really respected or treated like people…

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