Chaplin and fellow Fred Karno troupe member, Billie Reeves, c.1918

Reeves was the brother of Alfred Reeves, Chaplin’s studio manager. He also originated the role of the drunken swell in Karno’s Mumming Birds sketch–a role that was later played by Sydney Chaplin and then Charlie, who made a name for himself with it in the American version of the sketch, A Night In An English Music Hall.


  1. I was scouring this site here just last nite. FRED KARNO TOURS; Chaplin-Stage by Stage. It is 1910 to 1913. Someone had taken it upon themselves to point to when he might have been in Cleveland and Butte and Colorado and Seattle with the Karno troup. Man, that was a tough life of a vaudeville or music hall performer. Bunch of gypsies they was. You really had to have a love for it in your blood. also accidentally surfed upon a pic of Oona at age 18 in the stands with an old looking Charlie watching some event. Gosh she was beautiful. She could have been 14 there and looked like a schoolgirl with her long slim neck and catholic cut bangs.I also

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