1. Did the matrons of this era wear no bras? Had too many gone to their graves already due to tight corsets .All these long skirts with no commercial washer machines in the home. Not many paved streets and lots of mud. I always wonder when I see images like these how they managed to keep their skirt bottoms clean when walking through streets not yet paved …and puddles.

  2. I've often wondered the same thing about the bras. When I watch silent and early thirties films I have often been distracted, thinking, why are Joan Crawford's breasts so low?! She is only in her 20's here! My assumption used to be that bras were terribly made back then, but from perusing my 20's and 20's magazine collection, this is not true – there are ads for support bras in them!

  3. What? How and why would you wear a maternity corset? I mean I know how you would wear one but why would you? Some people look really cute pregnant. I wonder if it has anything to do with the old Victorian idea that being pregnant was scandalous because it meant you had (gasp) sex.

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