World Tour Revisited: Two letters handwritten by Chaplin from the Adelphi Hotel in Singapore, dated April 27th, 1932

These letters were penned one day after Chaplin’s release from the Singapore General Hospital following a week-long bout with dengue fever. They were sent to the doctor who treated him, and the doctor’s son.

“Dear Doctor, I hope the enclosed will prove satisfactory,
 it is little enough to do in return for your help and kindness.
However allow me to thank you again. Sincerely yours, Charlie Chaplin”
“My Dear Ian, This little note will serve as an introduction.
I might mention the fact that your father took me down a peg or two (I mean my temperature)
while I was in the hospital at Singapore. Hoping to meet you sometime in England.
Cordially yours, Charlie Chaplin”

Source: Bonhams

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