World Tour Revisited: An ambulance meets Charlie’s boat at Singapore, April 20th, 1932

Charlie became ill with dengue fever the night he and Syd sailed from Batavia on April 18th. The next day he didn’t appear for meals and kept to his cabin. As the SS Ophir neared Singapore, the captain arranged for a doctor to meet the boat.

The Straits Times (Singapore), April 20th, 1932.
 (D.E.I. = Dutch East Indies)

The brothers’ initial plan was to sail for Japan on the 24th but Charlie will remain in the hospital until the 26th. They will not leave for Japan until May 6th.


World Tour (1931-32) Revisited: Where was Charlie 12 months before?

On April 15th, 1931, Charlie arrived in Algeria from Nice. A couple of days later, his lover and traveling companion, May Reeves, joined him and the two remained there for the next ten days.

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