Photo by Apeda Studio, New York, 1925 or 1927

I’d originally thought this session was from 1925, but I am now leaning towards 1927. Chaplin was in New York during both years (he was also there in 1923 but I don’t think these photos date back that far). The Chaplin archive website gives them a date of 1922 but I think that’s incorrect as well. I can’t find where photos from this session appear in magazines or newspaper articles any earlier than 1927. I also have a publicity photo for The Circus with a photo from this session which makes me think the later date is correct, although Chaplin was not against using old photos for publicity.


  1. The working title was "Come Seven". It was abandoned when CC went to Europe and became "Pay Day" when he returned.Phil

  2. Thanks for the answers! I have never heard about this film before. Do you know if there are existing shots of it or only pictures?Domi

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