Charlie with his second wife, Lita (right), and Marion Davies, c. 1925

This is an interesting picture for a couple of reasons: a.) there are few pictures of Charlie and Lita together and b.) Marion was Charlie’s mistress at the time.

Speaking of the Charlie-Lita-Marion triangle. I found the following little tidbit in a 1926 issue of Picture Play magazine:
(Marion accompanied Charlie to a Raquel Meller concert.)


  1. This photo truly speaks volumes. He is standing so close to Marion and is so interested in her while Lita is literally clinging to him and eyeing Marion.

  2. Poor Lita. She never stood a chance. Charlie did the honorable thing and to save himself from being arrested, but I still believe Lita's mom was culpable. She had to know and almost encourage Lita.

  3. I think Charlie needed a woman who felt sexually attractive and playful with him. Just look at life of he and Oona and her little furry forearms and the twinkle in her eyes. For a woman not to have a genuine sexual electricity for him probably took the wind from his sail. He was psychologically involved with all of his affairs in some way. His illusions and his role playing, whether of Josephine Beauharnais or Belle whatsit…he liked acting out prospective scripts. I think Liar was too involved wanting to be lusted after as the coquette. He got bored. That's why I think Oona landed him. I think she was still in her adolescent fervor and responded to him electrically in bed. He needed that. It made him feel genuinely desired and secure. IMHO.

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