1. He was so proud I'll bet, to be showing off his expertise to his young children and everyone who thought him at pasture. The theme of families rising and falling in America and elsewhere is a poignant one. You have Sophia Loren who is now working in a dance hall. My guess, like Donna Reed's character in From Here To Eternity, is that there's only a very narrow line to stepping over into prostitution. I liked the way Marlon Brando's character tells his elitist wife that he 'wonders' just how she herself would've fared in this world without her father's money. I'll bet with all the social experiences Charlie and Syd had through the war years that they saw lots of affluent families displaced from their circles of support. Anyone who was able to hold onto their personal wealth during the Depression years was no stranger to this displacement. I just finished Gone With The Wind on Friday. Ashley Wilkes' words about being groomed for one world and not having anywhere to fit in his new 'all to real' post war world come to mind here.Josephine Beauhairnas was also of displaced wealth and had to be married off to save face once back in Europe. During the Haitian uprising of Saint-Dominique (soon to become Republic of Haiti) the French aristocracy 1791-1804 had to flee their sugar plantations and return to family and allies back in France or Louisiana or Savannah etc.

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