CAUGHT IN A CABARET, released April 27th, 1914

Chaplin’s twelfth Keystone was directed by Mabel Normand even though Chaplin is often listed as co-director. However, the film contains so many Chaplinesque ideas, it’s obvious that she gave Chaplin the same creative free rein that director Joseph Maddern did with Twenty Minutes Of Love.


  1. I know Charlie and Mabel didn't get along well in business. I think she was allowed to direct and start her own studio even but she did not live long. I think she got herself into some murder scandal by association where she was present during the crime. (where she was found innocent). It is good Charlie didn't get involved with her.

  2. I've come to appreciate Mabel Normand more and more and she could truly be called, The First Lady of Silent Comedy. A pity her career was not longer.

  3. Have you guys heard the argument that Charlie owed alot more to Mabel than originally thought? Alot of people are contending that she gave him the idea for the walk and the Tramp costume. I like Mabel, maybe the more I watch of her I will learn to love her, but I just can't buy that for some reason.

  4. See that's what I thought too but I was wondering if anybody else had heard about it. I think it might just be her fans trying to give her to much credit for something she never did……

  5. I'd never heard about it until you mentioned it. They must assume she had something to do with his costume because he first appeared in it in a film she directed (Mabel's Strange Predicament).

  6. Of course I can't find the article now, but what it basically said was that when she copied the Tramp walk, which i believe they said she did in Mabel's Married Life, she does it better than Charlie. Their logic than goes on to state that since she could do it better than Charlie she must have given him the idea…Of course my theory is that maybe she made it look more ridiculous that he did. Doesn't mean she did it better or that she gave him the idea. How could she do it better when it was Charlie's walk?Sorry I just thought that would be an interesting tidbit for all.

  7. Is that Edna Purviance in the bar scenes as an extra in Caught In A Cabaret? She can be seen sitting at the middle table in the early scenes, then sitting at the back of the room in later scenes

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