World Tour Revisited: Chaplin talks into a sound camera, Rome, March 5th, 1932

Below is footage of Charlie and his brother, Sydney at the Exselsior Hotel in Rome. At the end of the video, Charlie faces the camera and says, “Mucho grazie” (although it sounds like”grazio”) reminiscent of a year earlier in Austria when he said “Guten tag” into a camera. But there is more talking if you listen closely (plus an audible cough at the beginning). Around the :44 mark, he asks for the time and someone replies, “Here you are.” I believe it’s Sydney, however it’s hard to tell because it seems the audio and video don’t match up during this portion of the footage. When Charlie asks for the time, he doesn’t appear to mouth the words until a few seconds later. The same goes for Sydney. This part of the video is also a little confusing. When Charlie asks for the time he is hiding something under his jacket. Then the video cuts to the closeup of him speaking to the camera with a clock in his hand. There was a joke here somewhere but the punchline was edited out.

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