1. I saw the bay bridge from my bedroom window every morning at 7 a.m. while getting dressed in my parochial school plaid. Her Nostalgic. I lived straight up the hill 2 miles from Lake Merrit. The first morning light, the fog, the horns, the pungent smell from the fleshy wild geranium leaves, the golden poppies reflecting the bright sunlight against our three story wood-shingled Victorian …the cool wind at dusk…

  2. I watched Paulette on What's My Line again last week. She was a smart and competitive feline. I know, I know….'jungle red'.

  3. Hi Hatshepsut! A fellow native! Now I only work in the city, but it's nice to drive down the Embarcadero and see the bridge every morning – looking different each day due to fog, sun, haze, whatever!and to keep this on topic…Paulette looks so very young here! No makeup to speak of, and hair mussed in the wind and she still looks great! And she could tend to look harsh when photographed from other angles, but this one does justice to her natural beauty. Chaplin, of course, looks great. 5 months travel with his girl did him well.

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