1. This statement in the article rather perturbed me: "His reputation was further damaged by a lawsuit from a young actress who claimed he had fathered her child. (He denied the claim, but a court eventually declared him the father.)"The author didn't see fit to further explain that the child was proven by blood tests not to be his? This is how these falsehoods continue their journey.

  2. bloody finally! for years and years only a german translation had been available and i just couldn't bring myself to buy it lest it be a bad translation.

  3. The article said the novella is Charlot's ONLY work of fiction, but I am still searching for the two murder/crime mysteries that he supposedly wrote. His son said he wrote them for the detective rags of his day. He liked to read those sometimes. Hence his interest in Orson Wells' script he collaborated on for Mssr Verdoux.

  4. Thanks for posting. This morning I came in late during a snippet about the book on NPR and didn't know if I had heard correctly. Knew I'd get the skinny here. Yay–can't wait!

  5. I love Charlie's writing! I can't wait for this. Hope it won't be so stream of consciousness like his autobiography was. I loved it and everything but whoa.

  6. the centenary really produces some excellent new publications. peter ackroyd's biography will also be published in october. this is going to be a good year!

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