Syd Chaplin surrounded by models for his Sassy Jane clothing company line, c. 1917


The Sassy Jane Manufacturing Company, incorporated in 1917, was the first but not the last of Syd’s “boom-and-bust” business endeavors. The company was bankrupt by 1923.1

The model on the right in the above photo looks like the girl Charlie screen tests in How To Make Movies (1918):

1Lisa K. Stein, Syd Chaplin: A Biography


  1. A couple of them look like they could have been the nymphs in Sunnyside, especially the one on the extreme left. What think you?Phil

  2. They all have heart shaped faces and light color hair like his wife Minnie. They dresses look like they're for the working girl. I would love for him to have been a success. Can ya imagine….Syd's of Beverly Hills.He's lucky he didn't get killed in the airplane adventure of a company. What rickety craft those were. Maybe he was lucky in gambling when he finally moved to Nice. I like the fact that one of his acquaintances, an old Texas boy, owned one of the big Casinos.

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