1. The Shirley Yamaguchi above with Charlie is one of the most famous Asian actresses in history, born as Yoshiko Yamaguchi in 1920 in Manchuria, China. She became a superstar in the 1940's as Li Xianglan, and became one of Japan's best known actresses in the 1950's. Unfortunately, like Charlie she was blacklisted from re-entering the USA in 1952, which seriously affected her American career as she was slated to play leading roles in several NY Broadway plays.She loved Charlie Chaplin and had high praise for his art in her memoirs. There are many other pictures of her and Chaplin on the below website, especially those taken at the Eames House. She also was one of the most beautiful orientals to ever grace a movie screen, and the songs she sang have become evergreen hits played to this day throughout Asia. She passed away after a long and productive life of multiple careers at the age of 94 in September 2014.You can read her whole amazing story on the website below dedicated to her memory:www.yoshikoyamaguchi.blogspot.com

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