Charlie & German director, Ernst Lubitsch, 1923

Lubitsch had just seen a rough cut of A Woman Of Paris, which he hailed as “a great step forward…a picture that left something to the imagination.” Some believe that Lubitsch’s next film, The Marriage Circle, which also starred Adolphe Menjou, was influenced by A Woman Of Paris. I’m not sure exactly when Lubitsch saw the preview, but AWOP was released on October 1st, 1923 and Marriage Circle was already in production by then.


  1. Love Lubitsch films – Trouble in Paradise is a favorite. Broken Lullaby is an outstanding film he did in 32 that deals with the after effects of war on the solider who survives. I doubt there is a connection between Marriage Circle and Woman of Paris as well. Timing is off, as you mention above.

  2. I would highly recommend "Design for Living" and "To Be or Not to Be" for viewing as well. The latter is an amazingly funny film, and I had never liked Jack Benny before that.

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