World Tour (1931-32) Revisited: Out and About in St. Moritz, Switzerland, c. January 1932


Charlie dancing with toilet paper.

May Reeves*:

With friends:

Charlie and May with airplane manufacturer, Anthony Fokker.
Reeves later recalled that the two men performed “a comic sketch:
two monkeys scratching themselves constantly, looking for fleas and eating them.”  

Chaplin with car manufacturer, Andre Citroen.

*According to Reeves’  memoir, she became pregnant in St. Moritz. Not surprisingly, Chaplin was less than thrilled with the news. Shortly after their separation in March, May had a miscarriage which she claims was induced by Chaplin when he forced her to go on a long skiing expedition. I have always found this story a bit hard to believe. Even if Chaplin was displeased about May’s pregnancy (if she was pregnant at all), a skiing expedition was hardly a plausible strategy for inducing a miscarriage, especially at this very early stage in her pregnancy.

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  1. Please where can i get the photo in high definition where he is in the sledge with André Citroën ? Thank you for any answer…

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