Cover of Picture Show, October 20th, 1928

Charlie’s “loves” are (top-bottom): Mildred Harris, Edna Purviance, Merna Kennedy, Lila Lee (I think), Claire Windsor (I think), and Lita Grey.


  1. All I can say to this is…they missed a few.I read the Peggy Hopkins Joyce book "GoldDigger" recently – they touched upon her short time with Chaplin. Nude sunbathing on Catalina island, dinners out and in, and also how hard she tried to get him to give her something for her "time". At Christmas, he sent her a box containing a plastic figurine of himself. She did, however, apparently inspire his "Woman of Paris" script though, with her excesses.

  2. also, which I didn't relate at first but will now, since you brought it up (tee hee hee), the photographs of them sunbathing earned him the nickname "the goat". There are some things I just didn't need to know.

  3. I saw a clip of Little Girl Lost tonight starring Louise Brooks. I like her Lu Lu in Hollywood website. Lots of old time gossip about the golden era in spots. She supposedly ran around nude in a New York hotel penthouse with Charlie too. She said he painted his sword blue with iodine. (Was iodine blue back then?) Louise was rumored to have been infected with syphilis contracted from some mogul she was pleasuring. She said CC was Fearless!! Louise also felt ignored when he did not include her in his autobiography.Apparently Louise and Charlie were engaged in her first experience with an orgy in that hotel room romp. I think she was starring in Ziegfeld Frolics in NY at the time. But it was common to see Charlie enjoying his fun (sex) while being very protective of his public person a too. I think he wanted to be viewed as romantically linked only to the dignified winner types or something. He didn't want to be thought less of for slumming in certain circles.

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