Charlie is presented with a new pet, a Siberian bear cub, May 1943

Chaplin was presented with the bear cub, marked with a white “V”, by Captain Mihail Katzel (right), skipper of a Russian tanker, when he visited Charlie to enlist his endorsement of the national “Write to Russia” campaign.


  1. I think that might be a Sun Bear and the white is a natural marking. Just some useless information for you. Although, friends don't give friends bears as gifts, I mean what the hell do you do with a bear!?

  2. Poor little bear…almost looks too small to be away from its mother. I read how CC got rid of his parrot, and didn't Charlie liquor up Scraps for a scene in It's a Dog Life? I hope the bear had a better life! While I loved the Circus, my major concern was for the monkeys. I generally don't watch movies with animals that were in the era before the Humane Society got involved….sorry rambling.

  3. Oh, that makes me feel better! I do think the scene where a monkey seems to have Charlie's entire nose in his mouth is hilarious (quite a good ad lib there). So many times the monkey's teeth were pulled out for filming (don't get me started on that!) so I am surprised CC's nose was badly scratched. What's your opinion of the scene when the monkey's tail was in his mouth? (E Coli anyone?). I thought I saw a photo that looked like he had a fake tail on his shoulder. As always: thanks for your feedback.

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