Chaplin’s Very First Scene – Now a Jack-in-the-Box

“Assuming they shot Making a Living in sequential order, this marks the very first scene of Chaplin’s entire career. It also means that when the film opened on February 2, 1914, 100 years ago, it was through this scene that movie audiences were first introduced to young Mr. Chaplin. The site is now a driveway to a Jack-in-the-Box restaurant, while the main filming stage remains in use today as a Public Storage warehouse.”

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  1. Had Chaplin maintained this character, he would have quickly faded into oblivion or simply been a footnote. Who knows what he might have done with his talents had the Tramp not come to life in the Tillie movie and Kid Auto Races. What a stroke of genius to come up with the Tramp. The most enduring figure ever put to film that will last forever.

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