Chaplin with novelist Peter B. Kyne and his son, 1919

Kyne’s son, Marcel Dupuis-Kyne, was a French orphan whom he brought back to the States after the war and adopted. Marcel said to his father after his visit to the Chaplin Studios: “Father, you have been so nice to me all the time but when you bring me to play with Charlie Chaplin…Oh!…I think you are wonderful.” (Photo-Play Journal, July 1919)


  1. That's so sweet the way CC holds hands. There's a pic of him holding hands with Jackie Coogan on the sidewalk when Jack was already about 18 . I guess the Hal Roach studio lot was not far away. Plenty of movie kids to bother you on the 'Lot of Fun'. CC could be fatherly for sure. In City Lights he had some teenage newspaper boys run up on the tramp character and snap his suspenders. You could feel the warmth, even on camera.

  2. This is a sweet story. A little orphan boy in France gets adopted by a novelist only to meet the most famous man in the world. Its sweet.

  3. Agnes de Mille, famous choreographer and daughter of silent director William de Mille, wrote that Charlie was a wonderful companion for kids. He'd sit in a corner at parties with her and her sister, doing amazing impressions for them, egging them on to do impressions themselves. She says she was never quite so funny and brilliant as she was with his encouragement. Love that. comment from Carrie

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