Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chaplin & his eldest sons on the set of Monsieur Verdoux, c. 1946

Sydney is on the left, Charlie, Jr. on the right.
Both boys had just returned from service in WWII.


  1. 20 and 21 and already served in a war. Charlie Jr's account of the time he and his brother spent overseas was harrowing. His description of his younger brother's introduction to manhood by having to kill was sad. He seemed like such an introspective person, from his early childhood on. Perhaps he inherited his father's more introspective, morose qualities, while Sydney picked up more on the impishness?

    1. I agree. Charlie, Jr. definitely inherited his father's serious side. I think Charlie told May Reeves that Charlie, Jr. was more more like him than Sydney.

  2. Weird comment but I am the only who thinks Charlie Jr. looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt here?