1. http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/1996-09-21/news/9609201584_1_chaplin-life-with-father-janehttp://www.yelp.com/biz/yalaha-bakery-orlandoI we laughing at myself and this silly crush I have had on Charlie for so long now. In this automobile with his British troupe I conceded his life was so very far from my own. An hour later I was researching what happened to all of his kids. Kinda…. Where Are They Now? Doggone it. Half of a mile….one half…..I see daughter Jane Chaplin' the only child to make her home in the USA lived on the same Orlando lake as me. We was neighbors for a time. I lived there 20 yrs by antique row next to her bakery.

  2. Chaplin credited Karno, more than anyone else, for his success. Those 6 or so years with the troop, where Charlie learned dozens of parts in all of the different skits, honing his skills across the gamut of music hall entertainment styles, were his his education. Even years later, he shut down production when Karno visited his studio and treated him as an elder statesman of the trade.

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